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twilight_promo's Journal

Midnight Sun
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Have a Twilight/New Moon RPG you want to promote? Looking for an RPG to participate in? Need specific characters for an RPG you run? Then this is the community for you.

1) The RPG does not need to be on LiveJournal, or even a journal-based RPG. It can be a Messageboard game, an e-mail game, a chatroom game, so on and so forth.

2) Your RPG should be based off the books written by Stephaine Meyer. It is all right however if they’re AU or slightly out of character or crack RPG.

3) Advertising a game is limited to at least once every two days for that particular game.

4) This is NOT for advertising personal fictional LJs. This is only for the advertisement and search of Twilight RPGsLJ Communities and other Online Twilight RPGs. Do not advertise non-Twilgiht RPG related things here, post quizes, surveys, off-topic entries, or other crap. They WILL be deleted.

5) You must include the game name in the subject line of your post, and somewhere in the post, you must also state the date of your last post advertising that particular game, if applicable.

6) If you belong to an RPG, and you're going to promote it, make the other people in your RPG aware of this fact. Lack of communication on your part does not constitute a concern on our part. We will ban repeat offenders who don't communicate with each other well enough to coordinate who's promoting what.

7) All images that are greater than 200 pixels in either direction must be behind an LJ-CUT tag, to make it easier on everybody's friendlists.

To ease confusion, copy and paste the following format into your post, and use this to advertise your game:

Date Last Posted: (If this is the first time you're posting, just put "First time post.")
Format: (Journal, Messageboard, E-mail, etc)
Genre: (original or preexisting; if preexisting, name the genre/origin)
Name: (Name of the RPG)
Contact: (who to contact for more information/application)
Website: (email group homepage/RPG info page/messageboard/community)
Minimum Age Requirement: (what is the youngest age for a player you permit in your game)
Deadline: (does this request have an expiration date?)

Specific Requirements: (are you looking for someone to take on a certain character? Do they need to have a certain kind of real time chat freeware like AIM or YIM?)
Game Description: (brief overview of the specific game you are advertising)

8) If you are looking for a game to join, please cut and paste the following format and use it for your entry.

Name: (Doesn't have to be your "real" name, it can be your Internet handle, whatever, just something that people can identify you with.)
Contact Info: (Give some way for people to contact you)
Age: (An exact age is not necessary, but a ballpark would help GM's in determining if you are mature enough to join their game.)
Preferred Genre: (What type of game are you interested in? Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? Anime type? )
Preferred rating: (Just like in movies, games can be rated G, PG, R, NC-17, and even X up. How far are you willing to go and still feel comfortable?)
Preferred orientation: (If you have any limits on what you like, this is where to put them.)
Preferred character to play: (Would you prefer male or female character? Do you have someone specific you like to play, such as Harry Potter, or Rogue. Would you prefer to play an original character?)
Game Type: (Live chat, AIM, MUSH, MUD, Email, etc. What type of game do you want to play.)
Times Available: (When and how much time are you willing to devote to this game?)
Experience: (What other games have you played, what type of games, etc.)
Date available to start: (How fast can you start playing? If you can start right away, put "ASAP" or "Now")
Last Time Posted (When was the last time you advertised that you were looking for a game to play. You can advertise once every month, so if you advertise on 1/12/05, and you do not find a game, you can post that you're still looking again on 2/12/05.)
(Here you can put a sample of your writing, a *brief* excerpt from a chat log, an entry from a journal you once RP'ed in, etc. Just some way for a potential GM to see if you'd fit in. This is your chance to show them what an asset you'd be to a game!)