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We To The Grave - A Twilight RPG

Date Last Posted: First time post
Format: Journal
Genre: Canon?
Name: We To The Grave
Contact: wetothegrave@gmail.com
Website: wetothegrave
Minimum Age Requirement: If you think you're mature enough, you're welcome to apply.
Deadline: Nope.

Specific Requirements: AIM and previous RPG experience is preferred but not required, a firm grasp of the English language, the ability to use spellcheck, and keeping people in character. Looking for a good Edward and Jacob, please, please, please. :D
Game Description:

When we last left Bella and Edward, the Volturi had given them one option and the Quileutes another. Either Bella remains human, thereby avoiding a war with the Quileute werewolves but also costing her her life at the hands of the Volturi, or Bella becomes a vampire, thereby launching werewolves and vampires into what is sure to be a bloody and all-inclusive war that can’t possibly remain under the scope of human radar for long. Bella chose the latter, with the conditions that she is to wait until she graduates from Forks High School and marry Edward, becoming a true Cullen in more ways than one.

And so she waits.

However, if there is one thing Edward wants to preserve about their relationship, it is Bella’s humanity. He doesn’t want to change her, but he refuses to let her die, either. There seems to be only one way to prevent either from happening: take down the Volturi. Ludicrous as this is, it’s even more absurd for him to do it alone. He finds an unlikely ally in Jacob Black, who shares Edward’s desire to keep Bella human and avoid a war between the vampires and the werewolves. As Jacob and Edward call a truce and meet secretly to devise a way to pull off this dangerous stunt, the tensions between the Quileute werewolves and the Cullens continue to mount.

On one side, each and every single Cullen is ready, willing, and waiting to make Bella one of them, whether Edward approves or not. And on the other side, the Quileutes are waiting for the Cullens to sink one fang into Bella, break the treaty, and launch a war. And somewhere in between, Victoria is still at large and hungry for revenge—and Bella herself.

We To The Grave, so named for a French art song by Claude DeBussy, is a Twilight RPG that is canon compliant for now, but will become AU once Eclipse comes out. Who’s side are you on?



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