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Dawning Night

Name & Website/Journal: Dawning Night: A Twilight Series RPG

Format: Located on Greatestjournal, threading and AIM formats are both approved

Genre: Vampire/Werewolf- based on the Stephenie Meyer books Twilight & New Moon

Contact: dawning_night_rpg@yahoo.com

Age limit or Rating: 16+ please, though may go lower if application is exceptional

Deadline: Time to begin on Friday, February 16, 2007 or sooner if enough applications to open early. No end date.

Needed characters: Desperately need all canons except Alice and Jasper.

[main board] [ooc board] [plot board] [mod board] [application board]
[website] [application] [available character] [taken characters]

The New Moon has come and gone, diminishing the Twilight.

Our star-crossed lovers, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have returned home to Forks, safe from the clutches of the Volturri- for now.
They were set free with the promise that Bella would be changed, turned into one of their kind. In Forks however, they were unaware of the fine guidelines of the ancient treaty forged with the elders of the Quileutes. The Cullen vampires may not take the life of a human, nor bite them, if they wish to escape war with the werewolves that protect the inhabitants of Forks and the La Push reservation.

Join Bella as she battles to make choices in this desperate time. Will she choose true love over her friends and family? What of the Cullens and Jacob Black?

With too many promises given and no way out of either one without a promise being broken, they approach now their Dawning Night.

**Game start is set for Friday, February 16, 2007/ May be sooner or later depending how many characters we have**
**Please contact the mods with any questions at dawning_night_rpg@yahoo.com**


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